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 Masato Nakajima

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PostSubject: Masato Nakajima   Mon Aug 01, 2011 3:10 am

-The Puppet Master-
Name: Karl Fernando
Sex: M
Likes: spicy food, rpgs and music(OSTs mainly)

-The Puppet-
Name: Masato Nakajima
Nationality: Japanese
Arcana: Fool
Weapon: Revolver

Character and Persona Concept...( The naked one is the persona.)

Personality: Almost always seen with his headphones on, he is an observant individual with a stoic expression plastered on his face. He's also a good listener but never a good talker.He may not look it but he is the type that never goes back on his word. He doesn't look very approachable because of the cold look in his eyes, but he can be good enough company if you have a problem. He never leaves anyone behind when going into battle, preferring to give a helping hand rather than leaving someone to be hurt. He's the type to use logic than brute force during combat, preferring a drawn out battle than rushing ahead without thinking.

Background: Having been the only child and being raised in a family of entrepreneurs in Japan, he was stripped off any privilege he has of the Nakajima family when he voiced out his desire to be in a rock band. He went to the Philippines to pursue his dream. He plays at local bars in the island as a solo performer for some money.

Persona Profile:(CHANGED)

Alpha Persona:
Affinity: Wind

Background: Also known as Kami-no-Kaze, he is the Japanese god of the wind and one of the eldest Shinto gods, said to be present at the creation of the world. He is often depicted as an oni with a bag slung over his back.

Strengths: Wind and physical attacks
Weakness: Electricity and Darkness

Offensive Skills: Garu, Bash, Assault Dive
Status Effect: Old One
Support: Sukukaja

Omega Persona:
Affinity: Ice and wind

Background:The sole member of the gods believed to have originated in Japan, he was originally known as Hiruko (蛭子), the first child of Izanagi and Izanami. Said to be born without bones, he eventually overcame his handicaps to become the mirthful and auspicious Ebisu (hence one of his titles, "The Laughing God"). He is often depicted holding a rod and a large red bream or sea bass. Jellyfish are also associated with this god and the fugu restaurants of Japan will often incorporate Yebisu in their motif.

Stremgths: Wind, Ice and physical attacks
Weakness: Electricity

Offensive Skills: Magarudyne, Mabufudyne, God's Hand
Status Effect: Valiant Dance
Support: Blue Wall, Masukukaja
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Masato Nakajima
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