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 Social Linking Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Social Linking Forum Rules   Tue Jun 26, 2012 8:01 am

Social Linking Forum Rules

In the social linking forum applies daily interactions of characters with several other characters with corresponding arcanas through story-telling. The rules and regulations are as follows:

  1. Story-telling style depends on your preference. You may use extra characters in order to initiate your social link.

  2. RPG style social link stories are allowed if the character’s social link is in sync with another RP-er’s character. As long as you have the permission of the RP-er.

  3. RPG rules apply at RPG style social link stories

  4. Strictly no power-play, god-modding or character stealing, as stated in RPG and general rules. If there is a need for you to use someone's character, seek their permission first before making any decisions yourself.

  5. Extra characters are allowed as long as the character is yours. They may be human or non-human. (e.g. robots with AI, pets, etc.)

  6. There is no character limit or story limit with your social link.

  7. General Rules apply in this forum.

Guide examples of the social linking forum:

refer to past threads on the social linking forum below as a reference guide. Remember, it all depends on the style you want with regards to this social linking.

1. Masato Nakajima - Death Arcana by masatonakajima [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]

2. Naitou Hisakata - Lovers Arcana by pandaprincess [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]

3. Owen Marcello - Fortune Arcana by pedoboar [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]
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Social Linking Forum Rules
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