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 Isabella Summer Silsbury

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PostSubject: Isabella Summer Silsbury   Sat Nov 19, 2011 4:28 pm

Name: Ella Torrecampo
Nickname: Ella
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Loves: Free stuff, chocolates and milk tea
Pet Peeves: Meetings and fanfic haters.


Thank you to Al for introducing me to this anime, anything not taken from google is mine though

Name: Isabella Summer Silsbury
Nickname: Summer
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Nationality: British
Element: Wind and Light
Arcana: The Magician
Weapon: Bow and Arrow

Personality: True to her name, Summer can be warm and fun-loving when she wants to be. She is highly selective of who she keeps in her company but never discriminatory. When displeased, she has a an insult ready to fire at the unlucky sap who had happened to cross her. She values loyalty among all traits and can carry a grudge for a really long time and may chose to take matters into her own hands through various methods of petty revenge. But, she also very indecisive, choosing to often remain on a gray area between two choices, but once her mind is made up, there is no changing it. She is often seen sneaking around, trying to cause mischief, but often failing at it.

Background: Summer Silsbury grew up in the rainy streets of upper class England until she reached the age of 16 where her parents decided to send her to a school situated on an island near the Philippines, where she hopefully learns how live less lavishly, but things don’t go as planned as certain events led to the awakening of her Persona, resulting to her having to live with other students that had the same ability as hers.

Others: Despite having grown up in a household where she never had to do anything, Summer posses a natural flair at cooking as shown by her excellent performance in the school’s cooking club, while her skills as an archer don’t go to waste as she is also a junior member of the archery team, and is working hard to attain the position of captain soon.


Alpha Persona: Eos
Arcana: Magician
Affinity: Light

Persona Background: Eos was the rosy-fingered goddess of the dawn. Eos rose up into the sky from the river Okeanos at the start of each day, and with her rays of light dispersed the mists of night. She is also the mother of the wind and the stars.

Strengths: Light and Wind
Weakness: Darkness and Ice

Offensive: Garu, Hama, Poisma
Status Effect: Rakukaja
Supportive: Dia, Media

Omega Persona: Artemis
Arcana: Magician
Affinity: Wind

Persona Background: Artemis is the virgin goddess of the hunt, wilderness, children and plague and is often associated with the moon. She is the daughter of Zeus and the twin sister of Apollo and is usually armed with a bow and arrow, ready to strike all those who pose as a threat to her.

Strengths : Wind and Electricity
Weakness: Ice and Darkness

Offensive: Primal force, Maziodyne, Garudyne, Hamaon
Status Effect: Marakukaja
Supportive: Mediarama, Recarm
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Isabella Summer Silsbury
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