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 Owen Marcello: Fortune Arcana

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PostSubject: Owen Marcello: Fortune Arcana    Sat Aug 20, 2011 4:56 am

I never really like my life in the university. Your friends barely get to hang out with you, a lot of them are in relationships, you've got a lot of homework in your way and the professors are all eccentric. To be honest, I've never really dreamed of studying in a university like this. I've just planned to get a short course, finish it and get a job to support my family. However, my mother insisted.
"Later, Owen!" my friend Rodel bade me good bye after class. He's prolly off somewhere to play computer games with his highschool friends.
"Bye, Owen!" Natasha said to me and headed upstairs. She's a member of three different student organizations so it's come to no surprise that she's not gonna be hanging out.
"Hey, Cali!" I finally found a friend who was heading off to my direction, "Wanna have lunch with me before heading off?"
"Sorry." she apologized. She was did what could be done and would immediately study in the library, "I already had during vacant period. And I'm off to the library to finish my report." As expected.
"Later, then!" I faked a smile and we took separate paths as we fight through a large crowd of students. I went to the bathroom first since I didn't want to all the way out with her right after saying good-bye. That would be awkward. I went by the usual small restaurant outside campus and ordered pork Katsudon. I usually take it alone but some of my friends like Rodel get to tag a long... every other week...
I took the jeep home and went back to the dorm. I went back to the dorm where all my Persona buddies were. Not that it had any much to go on since there wasn't a Shadow/Demon report for quite a while. I climbed through the fence and went to the backyard. There was a small shed there at the end of the yard... that was my room by the way... or my house... well it doesn't matter. Right then and there from the bushes swiftly came out a scampering dog. I had no time to take any evasive action and it tackled me hard into the ground.

"Easy, Lucky!" I said as the boarder collie licked my face in rapid succession, "Aw, great! Now you ruined my uniform!"
As she licked my face, I rubbed her belly as we wrestled around the yard. It was times like these when I'm actually happy that my friends aren't hanging out. I wouldn't get to be with my little baby!
"Alright!" I said an hour later. I was practically all covered in mud, fur and dog saliva. I went to the shed to grab out a tennis ball, "Let's play fetch then!"
I showed the dog the tennis ball. It was wagging its tail, ready to prowl.
"See the ball? See the ball?" I said, Lucky was already setting its eyes on it. I then threw the ball across the yard, "Catch the ball!"
The dog followed where the ball landed and once it had hit the ground, Lucky picked it up through its mouth and tried to chew on it.
"No, no, no!" I said, approaching the dog, "Give the ball back to-"
Lucky leaned getting ready for a chase. Its tail, wagging in the air. I can see where this is going and I don't like it.
"Alright..." I said, slowly approaching the dog, "I just want the ball. Give it to me and we can all just-"
The dog dashed through the opening between my legs, "GOD DAMMIT!"
I chased Lucky around for thirty minutes until I just fell to the ground, exhausted.
"You're... a fucking bitch... you know that?" I gasped for air as the dog trotted towards me. It finally dropped the ball and went on to lick my face, "... but I can't stay mad at you..."
After I tickled the dog, we both took a break. As I lay on the ground, Lucky rested its head in my belly. I've realized that it was already dusk.
"I swear to God, Lucky..." I said, as I gently rubbed the dog's head, "We're gonna play frisbee one day."
I looked at the yellow sky and closed my eyes to rest.
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Owen Marcello: Fortune Arcana
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