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 Dr. Scott Ambernite

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PostSubject: Dr. Scott Ambernite   Tue Aug 02, 2011 12:54 pm

-The Puppet Master-
Name: Lance Blanco
Nickname: Lance
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Loves: Loli, Guro, Pony, Internet Surfing, Biking, Adrenaline Shots, Sweets, Mountain Dew, UST and Dead Bodies <3
Pet-peeves: Kitty !!

-The Puppet-
Character Name: Scott Ambernite
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Profession: Medical Scientist and a Researcher on Shadows (also a sadist)
Nationality: Unknown but has Canadian citizenship
Arcana: The Tower
Element: Ice and a few physical and support spells
Weapon: A shovel he uses to bury his failed experiments The "Undertaker"

Personality: Scott enjoys tormenting shadows, more so suggesting to kill them slowly and delight their suffering. He often captures lesser shadows to aid his research on shadows, although sometimes he keeps them in the lab only to put them in a series of unorthodox experiments involving torture. Negative aspects aside, he is seen as a kind and selfless man who uses his knowledge in medical science to attend to team members who need medical attention. Scott also seems to have a soft spot for animals, plants, children and the elderly. It still can’t be ignored though that when he is faced with the shadows, he is a totally different person – From that of a compassionate medical doctor, later to a mentally disturbed and sadistic mad scientist.

Background: Scott was a simple field medic in a Shadow Research Facility in Yukon Territory, Canada. At first he was uninterested in shadows, until he was forced to fight escaped shadows in the facility and at that point he unknowingly developed his persona as well as his mentally disturbed self. Ever since, he became enthusiastic to become a shadow researcher however the laboratory required him to finish Applied Physics before becoming “one of them”. Scott agrees to this and goes to San Aqinue University. To his dismay though, he finds out that there are shadows there as well, thus he is forced to fight them with Lunatique and from time to time he borders closer to his insanity.

Persona (Alpha)
Vali – A figure in Norse Mythology known as a patron of Vengeance. He is known to avenge his fallen brother Baldr by killing Hoor and Loki in his name.

Strengths: Strong against Ice and blocks strike attacks
Weakness: Light
Skills: Gigantic Fist, Crazy Chain, Bufula, Mabufula, Diarama, Recarm, Tarukaja, Apt Pupil
Persona (Omega)
Heimdallr – A Norse God who wields the Gjallhorn, which he is attested to use as a signal to warn the Gods of the coming of Ragnarok. Although he doesn’t feast very often with the Gods at Valhalla, he watches the gate of Asgard while drinking some of Skadi’s prized mead.

Strengths: Blocks ice and absorbs physical attacks
Weakness: None
Skills: Primal Force, Vorpal Blade, Niffleheim, Mabufudyne, Diarahan, Samarecarm, Debilitate.
Signature Skill: Gjallhorn – Performs the “Heat Riser” skill on all party members for the cost of 25% of current SP
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Dr. Scott Ambernite
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