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 Kaikou Hisakata

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PostSubject: Kaikou Hisakata   Tue Aug 02, 2011 7:10 am

Name: aL B.
Age: 19
Sex: F
Loves: Chocolate, sweets, pandas
Pet-peeves: Being sick and my Spanish professor calling me to recite

-The Character-

Name: Kaikou Hisakata
Nickname: Kai
Age: 23
Sex: M
Nationality: Japanese
Element: Light and Ice
Arcana: Priestess
Weapon: Pistol Crossbow (i swear to all things chocolatey, search this weapon! IT EXISTS)

Personality: Hardly showing his soft and sweet side, except to his younger sister, Kaikou is a person of discipline, order and law. He abides by rules, and only steps out when the situation calls for it. However, there are times when he does not act all stiff and formal. He cares deeply for his little sister, Naitou and would do anything in the world to keep her protected and safe...or alive.

He does have extreme sister complex. Smile)

Background: Kaikou, unlike Naitou, remembers most of their past and refuses to open up, in fear of having Naito remember the pain. He was the first of the two to go to the Philippines and study on a scholarship in Isla de Muerta. After the passing of their only living relative, their grandmother, the siblings were reunited when Naitou decided to study in the same university as well.

- Persona Profile-

Persona[ALPHA]: Ichnaea
Arcana: Priestess
Affinity: Light
Persona Background:Ichnaea (Iknaia) the Titan, was born to Helios the Sun god. She was a tracer. Nothing could escape Ichnaea. Possessing father Helios’ qualities of all seeing, she had the sensed of a blood hound. (taken from

Strengths: Physical, Hama, Recovery Skills
Weakness: Mudo, Agi
Basic Abilities: Full Analysis, Escape Route, Third Eye, telepathy

Offensive: Holy Arrow, Bufula, Hama
Status Effect: Charm
Supportive: Media, Healing Wave

Persona[OMEGA]: Chronos
Arcana: Priestess
Affinity: Wind and Ice
Persona Background: the personification of time. His name in Greek means "time" (and can also mean "year" in Modern Greek) and is alternatively spelled Chronus (Latin spelling) or Khronos. Chronos is usually portrayed through an old, wise man with a long, gray beard, such as "Father Time". He is also depicted with wings, as "time flies". (taken from Wikipedia)

Strengths: Physical, Bufu, Recovery Skills
Weakness: Agi
Basic Abilities: Full Analysis, Escape Route, Third Eye, telepathy

Offensive: Mahamaon, Bufudyne, Arrow Rain, Garudyne
Status Effect: Tardus (slows down enemies) Somnum (puts enemies to sleep)
Supportive: Healing Wave, Diarahan

Regarding abilities, Naitou and Kaikou uncannily has parallel abilities; most of which they share in possessing; their arcanas though different, often intertwine.
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Kaikou Hisakata
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