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 Naitou Hisakata

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PostSubject: Naitou Hisakata   Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:38 pm

Name: aL B.
Age: 19
Sex: F
Loves: Chocolate, sweets, pandas
Pet-peeves: Being sick and my Spanish professor calling me to recite

-The Character-


Name: Naitou Hisakata
Nickname: Nai-chan, Nai
Age: 17
Sex: F
Nationality: Japanese
Element: Wind and Water
Arcana: Fortune
Weapon: Sweet Death Scythe

Personality: Bubbly and always smiling; cares a lot for people, even for strangers or people she just met; complains, but does the job anyway; still a bit shy and needs a bit more confidence boost. Gets mad, but the temper doesn't show much and would often be submissive, if not, would run away. Has many fears, but doesn't show it openly; naive, gullible, innocent. Will become the serious student council member when provoked though.

Background: Naitou does not really recall having parents; nor does she recall anything about her past and the pains it had. All she knows is that she had Kaikou, her older brother to look after her when their grandmother passed away. She's very open about this, although falls silent and sad that she is unable to answer any of it when asked about her past.

Others: Naitou is a member of the university's central student council under her brother's insistence, although never mentioned what her position is, it would be most likely that her position is not to be taken lightly. There are hints that she is just a junior member though, but no matter what, the council respects her at a very high degree, even though there are times, Naitou would say, she didn't really want to be in student council, but she can't just back out and leave.

- Persona Profile-

Persona[ALPHA]: Iris
Arcana: Fortune
Affinity: Wind
Persona Background:personification of the rainbow and messenger of the gods. As the sun unites Earth and heaven, Iris links the gods to humanity. She travels with the speed of wind from one end of the world to the other, and into the depths of the sea and the underworld. (taken from wikipedia)

Strengths: Water, Garu and Recovery Skills
Weakness: Electricity, Agi
Basic Abilities: Telepathy, communication

Offensive: Cleave, Garu, Aestus (water skill/magic, inflicts light damage to enemies)
Status Effect: Poisma
Supportive: Dia, Media

Persona[OMEGA]: Parcae
Arcana: Fortune
Affinity: Wind and Water
Persona Background: the Parcae (in the singular: Parca) were the personifications of destiny, often called The Fates in English. Their Greek equivalent were the Moirae. They controlled the metaphorical thread of life of every mortal and immortal from birth to death. Even the gods feared the Parcae. Jupiter also was subject to their power. (taken from Wikipedia)

Strengths: Physical, Garu, Water and Recovery skills
Weakness: Agi, Mudo
Basic Abilities: Telepathy, Scan, Communication

Offensive: Hydra (water serpent, water skill/magic, inflicts severe amount of damage to all enemies), Heaven's Blade, Magarudyne, Garudyne
Status Effect: Somnum (puts enemies to sleep)
Supportive: Diarahan, Me Patra, Recarm

Regarding abilities, Naitou and Kaikou uncannily has parallel abilities; most of which they share in possessing; their arcanas though different, often intertwine.
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Naitou Hisakata
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