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 Saskia Villa

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PostSubject: Saskia Villa   Mon Aug 01, 2011 4:50 pm

OC name: Saskia Villa
Weapon: Katana with Wakizashi (Kami and Kaze, respectively)
Age: 18
Nationality: Japanese/Filipino
Element: Light & Wind
Arcana: Judgement
- Commonly associated with a balance of Light and Darkness. It symbolizes a person's awareness of himself, and others.


Saskia Villa. 18yrs old. Soya and tea drink lover. Well-disciplined and overly-patient, silent in nature but cheerful in spirit. Jack of all sorts, a member of the school’s committee and a volleyball player. Sporty and a bit tomboyish. She knows how to use the katana and wakizashi since her uncle was one of the few katana wielders who teaches the art of the samurai...and she is a great fan of it.

She tends to suppress her real feelings especially when hurt. Instead, she wants to be positive as much as possible. But when anger hits her, she’s uncontrollable, so she tends to be alone. Eating and cooking is her passion especially when troubled. HAHA.
She’s the mediator and the ‘big sister’ of the group whenever there is a conflict.


Saskia was raised in a urban province and she is close to her family. She is sponsored by her aunt to study at the university since her parents' salaries are not enough to provide her.
Little details are known about her since she's not that open to other people. She rarely talks about herself. She always listens.


Alpha: Shen (original Chinese name: Shenlong- familiar, isn't it? That's the dragon in the Dragon Ball Z..errr.) An androgynous spirit wind dragon. I would prefer that he is similar to Haku’s (Spirited Away) dragon form..AHIHIHIIIH

Skills: Strike Attacks: average in offense, high in defense. Can manipulate wind and immune to light-related attacks.
Strength: Light, wind and strike attacks
Weakness: Darkness and pierce attacks

Omega: Oya, the Yoruba Goddess of the Winds
Oya is a warrior-spirit Yoruba Goddess of the wind, lightning, fertility, fire, and magic. Also she is the spirit of change, transition, and the chaos that often brings it about.

Skills: Slash attacks. Wind, Light and Recovery skills, and Fusion Spells.
Strength: Wind, light, lightning and slash attacks
Weakness: None

A complicated yet powerful persona because she’s a bipolar. HAHAAH
Her magical attacks are highly powerful (light and wind) when she’s in the mood BUT becomes an average if not. She's also high in magic defense, average physical defense.
Physical attacks are average BUT who knows... it will change when she’s enraged..

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Saskia Villa
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