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 Rules and Regulations (PLEASE READ)

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PostSubject: Rules and Regulations (PLEASE READ)   Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:47 am

These are the rules, follow them or I will cut off your balls.

1. This is an OC-RP (Original Character Role Play), so you register as an original character. You can have characters inspired by real people/ anime characters/ or my dog but damn it if you're going to use someone from Slam Dunk.

2. God Modding is bad. Unless the situation calls for it, but if I hear someone complaining about this I will cut use my Right Hand of Doom on you and turn you into sushi.

3. This RP is about gangs set in various nations. There are three main gangs- Asian, American and European. I would like to make it clear that you don't have to be American to be part of the American group. You can be from Europe and work for the Japanese Yakuza, be from the China and have some sort of allegiance to the American gang. It's up to you really.

4. You may only have up to four characters maximum, that is unless you manage to keep all your muses happy. You may have a fifth character in tow, however you must ask permission from me or from any of the mods.

5. Please no flames, no insults and no being an asshole. We're all friends here and I swear to God if I hear anyone complaining about this I will go over to your house with my boys and make sure you sleep with the fishes.

6. And this place is for Fun, do not take everything here seriously. There's a HUGE difference between ROLE PLAY and REAL LIFE. I love to pretend that I'm sexy size nine deejay in Japan, but I know I'm not so I keep my character where he is and let it stay there. Don't take a lot of things seriously please, because that's just too weird sometimes and people get annoyed by it.

7. One liners. No. Please. You can use them from time to time, but not all the time!

8. And along the lines of that, I would like to declare this is a literate RP. I have the right to reject you if I think you're writing skills is not up to par.

9. Applications will be posted here here.

10. If you've read all the rules and understand them, please type "I'm a ninja who can control milk with my eyes" at the very end of your application. This is to show me that you do go over this and that I don't need to castrate you with my bare hands.

10. Please register using your Original Character's name. Example: Bogchi Hokbu, Molo Fernando. I don't want to see Sexymeister69696lolol. Just no please. And if your character has a long ass name, (Example: Lavender Alice Mcdonald-de los Santos) please register with the FIRST and LAST NAME. We're not here to hold a contest on the longest name and what not.

11. If you have decided your on which affiliation/gang please leave your application in the appropriate forum.

12. Please have fun. Be active (a post a day is enough for us). Stay safe.

And please don't forget to say Hello in the introductions Thread! ^^ We're off to see the Wizard~!

This will be edited from time to time to accommodate new changes and things.
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Rules and Regulations (PLEASE READ)
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